photoset of me

  • sad: watch friends
  • happy: watch friends
  • angry: watch friends
  • crying hysterically: watch friends
  • zombie apocalypse: watch friends
  • Me after every conversation: why the fuck did I say that

I got bored of tumblr so I opened up a new tab and went to tumblr

  • me when i go out: i should've stayed home
  • me when i stay home: i should've gone out
  • me when i'm around people: i want to be alone
  • me when i'm alone: i want to be around people
  • me when i'm mean to people: i need to be nicer
  • me when i'm nice to people: i need to be meaner

(Via MeGustaMemes: Purely funny memes)


  • Friend: On a scale of 1 to 10, how obsessed are you with Harry Potter.
  • Me: Nine and three quarters
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:




Omg this is my life, you dont even understand.
This is sad…

This is the saddest and truest gpoy I’ve ever acknowledged…